Driver Sign Up

The process was seriously simple. The program you get is simple also. Just put the [Stickr] on your back glass and drive around.

Rick M

I love this so much! I literally get paid to drive around with a sticker on my car. Its a nice little cash flow for just a few simple steps.

Caly L

Stickr LLC

3753 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 200

Las Vegas, NV USA



For Businesses

Advertise On Your Car. Earn Passive Income.


Application takes all of 30 seconds-ish. Tell us about your car and where you drive.

Select Campaign

Choose from multiple campaigns. You'll always be able to accept or reject any available campaign. It's up to you. 

Place Decal

We'll create and ship the decal, you just place it on your back window. It's super easy and your decal is see-thru so you can still see out of your back window no problem.

Verify Installation

Submit a photo showing that your decal is installed properly and you'll be eligible to start your campaign.

Get Paid

100% of our drivers who verify their installation monthly earn money, and so will you. Real cash, gift cards too. Monthly payouts via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

It's Easy To Get Started

Become A DriverVerify Decal Installation

It's like collecting "rent" from a mini billboard on your car

Advertise On Your Car.

Earn Passive Income.